The City of Madison, Wisconsin asked us to develop a community campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 100,000 lbs. in three years. Working with representatives from the city, utility, university, environmental groups, community leaders and businesses, we developed a purpose-led strategy guided by the purpose ‘Inspire everyone in our community to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions now’. With strategy in hand, we developed the ‘Mpowering Madison’ campaign. The centerpiece of the campaign were 10 and 5 feet green M’s. These M’s starred in broadcast and print messaging, a campaign-launch web site and appeared at events throughout the community such as the Farmer’s Market. The campaign helped the community reach its goal in just 18 months. Building on the community campaign, we then developed the ‘Mpowering Business Champion’ initiative aimed at having businesses step forward and reduce their footprint. To date, 98 businesses have been certified as an Mpowering Business and 59.2 million lbs. of CO2 have been avoided.

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