Right now, all over the world, individuals are taking uplifting actions to address climate change. We all need to know about these actions, learn from those taking them and see if we can take action ourselves. This is why the team at Good for Business developed Climate Changers®. Climate Changers provides connections between these individuals and those of us who want to do something that makes a difference. Climate Changers presents individuals from business, government, organizations, communities and as global and local citizens in a way that places a powerful, human face on climate change. Here, actions are small and large – from composting and carpooling to changing political and economic policy – yet each action informs, inspires and ignites the reality that each of us can make an impact. Sharing the positive actions of hundreds, then thousands, then millions of people everywhere, the on-the-ground and online Climate Changers communities activate a just and sustainable future for us all. 

Climate Changer Workshops in Action complement the online, international, interactive network of climate change agents. At these workshops, we will share examples of individuals taking action to address climate change and then invite workshop participants to share what actions they are taking. There will then be an interactive exchange whereby participants realize how they can adapt or replicate the actions of others. Through the workshop, participants can see themselves as Climate Changer candidates who can be featured on the online platform.

Climate Changers is a selected project of the 501(c)3 Center for Transformative Action (CTA) at Cornell University. Here is a sampling of individuals who are featured as Climate Changers. To learn more, visit the Climate Changer’s ‘pre-site’ and to become a climate changer please visit our application page.